happy heart vegan camembert

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Our dairy-free, raw vegan aged cheese is made using traditional cheese-making methods with actual cheese cultures, but is 100% plant-based. Our authentic gourmet product takes weeks to complete.

These handcrafted cashew-based gems are prepared and aged with the highest standards of care and quality control, and using only premium ingredients.  Our packaging is 100% compostable.

Artisanal raw vegan cheese

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"I have tried almost every Happy Heart product and I can say sincerely say that each and every one of them is absolutely delicious and so similar to their dairy counterparts"

Cinzia F. (Italy)

"These cheeses are unbelievable. I am not vegan, yet I now personally prefer these dairy-free cheeses over traditional dairy cheese, as to me these taste even better."

Mayte P. (Spain)

"I really liked these vegan cheeses! I personally also love dairy cheese but to me Happy Heart vegan cheese tastes and looks like traditional dairy cheese. I also really like the asthetics and that they are handcrafted."

Charis R. (Spain)

"I absolutely love Happy Heart Cheese. Honestly, had nobody told me it was vegan, I would have never guessed. I really enjoy how they have so many different kinds- they are ideal for fancy cheese plates. I was surprised to see how filling and satisfying they were."

Connie R. (Spain)

"At first, I couldn’t believe the cheeses I was looking at were actually vegan products. Compared to traditional aged dairy cheese they looked so much alike. The real surprise to me, however, was when I tasted them!! The flavour is astonishingly similar to dairy cheese!! I will definitively buy and savour these cheeses again."

Juan Carlos B. (Spain)

"The smooth and refined texture amplify the carefully balanced flavours in the Happy Heart collection. The hickory smoke is masterfully infused in their Petit Fumé, the Shèvre aux Herbes is a delight, the Petit Bleu is divine, and the Petit Épicé is gorgeous, exotic, and delicious. The Petit Cam is a full and strong compliment to its dairy inspiration."

Sidney O. (Canada)

" I am neither vegan nor vegetarian and despite having been quite skeptical about vegan food in the past, I must admit that trying Happy Heart’s Petit Cam was a very satisfying experience. I was first of all impressed by the quality of the product, the result of rigorous and careful preparation. Secondly by the aesthetics of it, which mirror those of its traditional dairy counterpart. Lastly, and most importantly, its very tasty flavour. I would strongly recommend this  to anyone looking for a genuine alternative to aged dairy cheese."

Daniele F. (Italy)