Earth-friendly packaging from start to finish

Our shipping supplies do not fall behind: We only use 100% recycled/recyclable and biodegradable insulation. These efforts allow our customers to have a much gentler environmental footprint with their online purchases!

Our manufacturing process follows the same philosophy: we do not use any disposable plastic products whatsoever in the making of our products, which are all handcrafted. The waste we produce is as minimal as possible and consists mainly of recyclable cardboard and compostable paper. Wherever we have control of waste, we minimize or remove it altogether.

Our priority with this project is to be as close as possible to zero-waste and zero-harm along every step of the way, and if anything, to create positive environmental changes. We wish to show people the incredible and delectable world of non-dairy cheese, while using Earth-friendly materials only.

We are always striving to be more and more environmentally friendly. Upcoming projects include participating in exciting research with Canadian academia to come up with solutions for compostable packaging materials not yet available in the market. We are so exited about this project!